Facility and Utility Systems - Analysis/Design/Construction

Master Planning

Master Planning

ThermalTech’s approach to Master Planning is straightforward and relies on our decades of facility experience.

Understand the Owner’s Needs & Goals

Work with the Owner to develop a road map to meet their particular needs:

  • Energy Reduction & Optimization
  • Facility Reliability
  • System Redundancy
  • Future Growth or Reduction

Understand the Facilities Current Condition

Investigate existing facilities and systems:

  • Interview associates to understand the systems operation including the capabilities & shortfalls of the systems and the process efficiencies & inefficiencies
  • Determine facility energy usage via utility bills and on site metering
  • Review facility operations and identify reliability and redundancy issues

Establish Future Strategies

Identify possible short term and long term projects to meet the Owner’s goals.  ThermalTech incorporates many factors into project recommendation such as:

  • Project cost & construction phasing
  • Energy savings
  • Reliability and redundancy improvements
  • Maintenance considerations