Facility and Utility Systems - Analysis/Design/Construction



ThermalTech has partnered with manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences to help them improve their processes and facilities.

HVAC System Design for cGMP Manufacturing Environments

  • Development of facility pressurization master plans
  • HVAC system design to achieve pressurization, air change rates, and filtration
  • Clean room design for aseptic facilities
  • Design of temperature and humidity critical environments

Utility Systems Design

  • Clean power electrical systems
  • Custom control system design
  • Water for injection
  • Clean steam
  • Pharmaceutical grade air
  • Instrument grade compressed air
  • Process vacuum
  • House vacuum
  • Nitrogen and pharma nitrogen
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Advanced Design through Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling

  • Prediction of airflow patterns in clean rooms
  • Predication of temperature distribution in critical environments and controlled temperature storage warehousing
  • Contaminate capture efficiency and air change rate effectiveness

Laboratory Design

  • Laboratory utilities
  • HVAC design
  • Energy Efficient design through variable flow controls and energy recovery systems
  • Fume hood and bio-safety cabinet installation
  • Control system design