Facility and Utility Systems - Analysis/Design/Construction

Construction Administration


Construction administration is a critical service in delivery of a project.  It is during construction that the engineer works with the selected contractors to ensure that the work is completed in compliance with the drawings and specifications.  Submittals are reviewed and returned as a construction phase service which protects the customer from delays or unrecognized mistakes in supply.  The use of the correct materials is verified and conditions are checked.

Although not a complete list of CA services, the following is a sample of the tasks that are typically performed to provide benefit to the customer and protection for all parties and often the general welfare of the public:

  • Receive, track, and respond to RFI's
  • Conduct or attend construction meetings
  • Review project schedules, schedule of values, submittals, pay applications and other documents and contracted
  • Conduct site inspections and produce reports identifying any work not in conformance
  • Produce any required Bulletins
  • Provide necessary assistance in reviewing Contractor change order requests
  • Produce, review, and back check punchlist(s)
  • Review Contractor as-built documents
  • Produce final record drawings, if contracted, from as-built and field observations for project closeout issuance
  • Assist in collecting and reviewing O&M materials, warranty materials, and other closeout documents
  • Certify final payments to Contractors when contractual requirements are met
  • Provide warranty period support and coordination with contractors and vendors as contracted