Facility and Utility Systems - Analysis/Design/Construction

Data Centers

Data Centers

ThermalTech understands that reliability and redundancy is the foremost concern. Our commissioning experience enables our team to have a unique understanding of how data centers truly work. Incorporating  both our knowledge and design experience ThermalTech is able to fully optimize data center system designs into practical, constructible, and maintenance friendly MEP systems.

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Analysis of Existing Facilities:

  • Improved reliability
  • Equipment retrofits and upgrades
  • Analysis of cooling system effectiveness
  • Analysis of existing facilities
  • Operational optimization for efficiency

System Design:

  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Turnkey Delivery


  • System planning - Develop pre-design and design outlines and documents incorporating system intent
  • Peer review of other party design
  • Construction installation checklists
  • Provide rolling project action item list that identifies system and equipment deficiencies and tracks them through resolution
  • Equipment and system functional testing using custom testing scripts for complete testing of failure and outage scenarios