Facility and Utility Systems - Analysis/Design/Construction

Engineer-Led Commissioning


Our commissioning projects are typically managed by a registered professional engineer with both design and commissioning experience. The level of commissioning can vary significantly from project-to-project based on project type and customer needs. Our expertise includes “hands-on” start-up and functional testing of complex systems, including controls. We’re also experienced in commissioning for USGBC LEED® projects. The following are steps included in the comprehensive process:

  • Develop pre-design and design outlines and documents incorporating the system operation intent desired by the customer. Include systems commissioning procedures in the Technical Specifications. Specify what systems will be tested and verified, how, and by whom.
  • Develop systems design objectives to meet the specific requirements for design and testing of the systems.
  • Provide third party peer review at various points during the design process. The target of this review process is the following:
  • Implementation of DID and OPR document
  • Constructability issues
  • Identify design flaws
  • Improve the sequence of operations
  • Equipment selection review
  • Document completeness checks
  • Provide installation, pre-startup, and startup check lists with ease of Input of commissioning data into our powerful, flexible database which optimizes sorting flexibility and report generation.
  • Review the operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals to assure completeness.
  • Either perform the systems commissioning or observe contractors performing it per the commissioning procedures outlined in the specifications. Verify systems operate as intended in the design documents. For projects with multiple phases, provide commissioning services to allow the customer to meet target move-in dates with commissioned systems.
  • Provide a project action item list that identifies equipment and system deficiencies and help drive the project team to a solution and resolution.
  • Follow-up on the action item list to verify completeness and re-functional test where required.
  • Specify and coordinate systems O&M training for the Owner.
  • Provide seasonal and differed functional testing.