Facility and Utility Systems - Analysis/Design/Construction



Our mechanical engineering team has a vast amount of experience and repeat business in manufacturing facilities, food/beverage, pharmaceutical industries, commercial, paper and laboratories.  Our philosophy on succeeding in these markets is simple and at the core of everything we do:

  • Identify practical, economical, high-performance solutions that are best for the client
  • Implement designs that can be built and that work as intended
  • Act and perform like the in-house engineering team, be proactive and helpful
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ThermalTech’s reputation for designing high-performance buildings and energy systems is based on a culture of innovation and attention to detail. We have developed a design approach we call ThermalTech High-Performance Buildings that is incorporated into every project.

Key elements of this approach are:

  • Documentation of measurable project goals
  • Practical, cost-effective, maintenance-friendly concepts
  • Superior long-term energy and environmental performance optimization of components and systems based on life-cycle costing