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Engineer-Led Turnkey

Engineer-Led Turnkey

  • On September 7, 2016

Engineer-Led Turnkey by ThermalTech Turnkey Solutions

Traditional contractor and vendor-led design/build often results in compromised engineering design which negatively impacts overall project value. This compromise is typically due to poor project scope definition at contract negotiation, and design being limited to minimum levels missing opportunities to catch coordination issues.

To overcome these weaknesses and in response to customer requests, ThermalTech developed  TE Engineer-Led Turnkey™.  A key differentiator of this approach is that the design firm manages the entire design and construction process rather than the builder. This control ensures that the final installation meets original design intent, even within an aggressive timeline that drives most design/build projects.

What makes our turnkey unique:

  • Single-source accountability
  • Led by staff design engineers and construction managers
  • Owner/engineer/contractor planning
  • Value engineering throughout project
  • Open-book cost reporting
  • Commissioning, start-up, training
  • Proactive, prompt resolution of any warranty problems
  • Long-term partnering
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ThermalTech has over 40 years design experience in industrial, healthcare, educational, commercial and government facilities. We’ve been providing turnkey solutions for over 25 years.


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